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Voices of Recovery: A Collection of Poetry

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Voices of Recovery

Cazenovia Recovery Systems is interested in fostering creativity in our residents as a way to augment their recovery. Self-expression and understanding are critical pieces to recovery from substance use. Voices of Recovery: A Collection of Poetry features 10 poems on the subject of recovery and showcases the talent and creativity of our residents.

Joshua Kellick, a Housing Specialist for our Housing programs, served as the editor of the collection. He says that “the writers depict their stories and views of recovery as a positive part of their lives.” He hopes that Voices of Recovery: A Collection of Poetry will assist those in recovery to know that they’re not alone. He also hopes that will be the first poetry collection of many. Joshua recommended that the collection be used as a discussion piece in therapeutic groups, as well.

Recovery from substance use is often a long and difficult road, but out of the struggle can come something great. Marsha C. wrote about her development of gratitude throughout her recovery, while Ryan C. is proud to call the new friends he’s made at Cazenovia Manor his “band of brothers.” While in recovery, our residents form new relationships, recover lost ones, and they often develop a sense of gratitude or experience spiritual rebirth. All of these situations are discussed in Voices of Recovery: A Collection of Poetry.

You can download a web-quality PDF here or you may pick up a hard copy by visiting our Administrative Office.

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