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A Spotlight on Nursing at Caz Recovery

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Nursing at Caz Recovery

Nurses are in huge demand right now, and for good reason. Nurses were heroes during the pandemic due to their perseverance in the face of extremely stressful and challenging circumstances. Unfortunately, much of this pressure and intensity has remained throughout the medical sector, as there continues to be staffing struggles and difficult environments. At Caz Recovery, we believe nurses deserve places to work that empower, reward, and appreciate their giving and supportive attitudes.

Caz Recovery has incorporated LPNs and RNs into our services and programs since 2018, and we’ve always sought to provide a workplace culture that demonstrates how much we value our medical teams. Unlike many other nursing positions and environments, Caz Recovery’s nurses generally experience an easygoing, enriching environment with low stress in a team atmosphere. Daily tasks involve supporting people with substance use disorders in their medical processes that set them up for a long-term, healthy lifestyle. This can involve taking vitals, monitoring medications, educating residents on how to better manage their health, and other engaging tasks.

Darcy D’Arcy, RN, and Amandeep Rajput, LPN, were willing to share their stories about their impactful work at Caz Recovery and the amazing opportunities and growth they have experienced during their time here.

The Team Environment at Caz Recovery

According to Darcy, the best part about working at Caz Recovery is the team environment. She stated, “The staff is amazing at Caz. I didn’t ever feel supported like this when I worked at [a] hospital, honestly. Even with administration, corporate, anytime you have an issue, it’s like all hands on deck. They’re all jumping in, willing to help solve any problem that comes up, which is very nice because I know sometimes at [a] hospital, you get lost as a staff member.” Caz Recovery prides itself on this trauma-informed, collaborative approach to ensure the environment and culture are what our staff want to be a part of every day.

Aman and Darcy
Amandeep Rajput, LPN (left) and Darcy D’Arcy, RN (right)

Opportunities for Growth and Advancement at Caz Recovery

Darcy and Aman both highlighted the many opportunities for growth that come with working at Caz. Darcy shared her experience of becoming a certified CPR trainer alongside Aman and her LPN colleagues, which has allowed them to train other staff members. Darcy also oversaw the agency’s conversion to an electronic Medication Administration Record (MAR), a system to pass medication through computers. This project took over a year to complete, but Darcy was proud of the accomplishment and says it was extremely fulfilling.

When asked about what advice she would give to nurses considering applying at Caz Recovery, Aman responded, “I would tell them that it’s a very rewarding area of nursing to pursue. Caz is a great place to work. They pay well. They have great benefits. And just the team atmosphere, it’s really something to talk about.” We hope this newsletter sheds light on the amazing work our nursing team does at Caz Recovery and the wonderful opportunities and support available for nurses who join our team. Our current open LPN positions can be viewed here.

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