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Your Words Could Save a Life

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Your Words Could Save a Life

What would you say to someone starting their journey in recovery?

It can be a scary time. There are unfamiliar treatment programs and self-help meetings filled with new people. Oftentimes, someone starting the journey sets out to make amends with friends and family. Without a doubt, atoning for past decisions and mistakes can be tough. And one of the hardest steps is just admitting that there’s a problem.

Support has always been a cornerstone of the recovery community. Understandably, support is extremely important during this early stage of recovery. Small gestures like kind words and providing empathy can make a world of difference.

Encouragement is very important, too. Knowing that recovery is possible can galvanize someone to succeed in their treatment. Positive success stories can be particularly meaningful for individuals in early recovery.

Perhaps most importantly, people need to feel as if there’s hope. Many people with substance use disorders say that the worst part of active use is the despair and hopelessness. In active use, people often feel like they don’t matter or that they’re a burden.

Given all of these points, a few positive words to someone in the early stages of recovery can be positively life-changing. Do you have some words of advice for our new residents? Do you want to help inspire people starting their journey in recovery? If so, we’ve created an easy way for you to contribute.

Starting today, we would like to collect quotes and messages to send to residents in our programs. By sharing some words of advice and inspiration for people new to our programs or new to recovery, you could truly save someone’s life. All you have to do is visit and leave some positive words there.

We’ll select our favorite responses and turn them into a collection that we’ll send out to new and current residents. People with substance use disorders need encouragement. Leave a few kind words for our residents today.

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