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Focusing on Health at Turning Point House

With great enthusiasm, residents of Cazenovia Recovery’s Turning Point House (TPH) assisted staff members in clearing refrigerator and pantry shelves of items not in sync with their new nutrition goals.

TPH residents Randolph & Robert

TPH residents Randolph & Robert

Saying goodbye to high sugar and high carbs and hello to healthier choices is one way that residents are embracing wellness options.

“This ties into a major focus of Dr. Tildabeth Doscher, our agency’s medical director,” said Briana Petersdorf, program director at the 21-bed intensive rehab program in rural Eden, NY. “She emphasizes preventive action rather than relying on lots of medication. Diet and exercise can make a big difference.”

TPH Residents Michael & Donald

TPH residents Michael & Donald

The residents, some of whom enjoy cooking their own meals, are watching nutrition documentaries, reading healthy eating books, and trying new recipes. Several are formulating their own meal plans and TPH supports their efforts.

In addition, TPH held a “gratitude week,” featuring emotional wellness workshops jointly attended by residents and staff. “It was amazing,” reported Michelle Harvey, TPH case manager. “Everyone focused on the things they were grateful for. People talked about times in their lives when they struggled with decisions. They listened and heard of possible new avenues. They learned the importance of stepping back and being mindful of their environment. We all are here to promote recovery.”

A stress management group helps the men through the challenges of recovery. The beach at Lake Erie and Sturgeon Point Marina are nearby relaxation spots. TPH began offering yoga to residents in 2017. Those weekly classes remain a popular activity.

Jeff and a "kindness rock"

Jeff and a “kindness rock”

Michelle noted that residents express positive feelings in various creative ways. “Jeff is a talented artist who paints beautiful landscapes on ‘kindness rocks’ and places them around the property,” she said. They are in staff offices, group rooms, and program areas.

TPH’s holistic effort prepares the program for converting to Rehabilitation early this fall. This integrated treatment model includes onsite substance use treatment, medical services, mental health and family counseling, and vocational training. Similar programs are in effect at Cazenovia Recovery’s Cazenovia Manor and Madonna House.

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