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Caz Recovery is excited to partner with D’Youville University’s innovative Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) Pathway program. At the helm of this partnership is Timothy Arent, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology at D’Youville University and Caz Recovery’s Board Secretary. Tim is also currently the Program Director of D’Youville’s CASAC Pathway program which, in addition to the CASAC credential, offers a fully online and asynchronous bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Tim’s Commitment to Transforming Counselor Education at Caz Recovery

Tim’s decision to join the board of Caz Recovery was fueled by a deep commitment to enhancing the counseling profession. Tim noted, “There were so many different avenues to becoming a counselor, and the training was very limited.” These experiences inspired him to spearhead the CASAC Pathway program, which aims to offer a structured and comprehensive educational framework for future counselors, ensuring they receive the rigorous and holistic training necessary to excel in their field.

Timothy Arent, D’Youville University, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology/Program Director CASAC Pathway and Caz Recovery Board Secretary

A Transformational Educational Model for Caz Recovery

Caz Recovery is referring staff members who might be interested in obtaining their CASAC credentials and developing their careers to D’Youville. Their CASAC Pathway program equips Caz Recovery employees with the tools to excel in their careers and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those they help. As Tim shared, “This program is about empowering our team to be the best in the field, ensuring they are not only well-educated but also deeply compassionate and competent counselors.”

Tim is particularly proud of the breadth and depth of the curriculum. “We aim to provide a panoramic and holistic view of mental health and substance use issues,” he says. The curriculum spans from professional ethics to the bio-psychosocial aspects of addiction, including a focus on co-occurring disorders. With all of these topics, the program prepares participants to handle complex counseling scenarios that they will encounter in this ever-changing field. It doesn’t just teach theory; it immerses participants in the real world of substance use disorder counseling. “Our graduates gain 30 weeks of hands-on experience working with clients, which is integral to their professional development,” Tim emphasizes. This experience ensures that by the time they graduate, participants are not only knowledgeable but also skilled in applying their learning in practical settings.

Another one of the program’s significant advantages is its affordability. Tim said, “At approximately $350 per credit hour, thanks to a partnership discount, we’re offering an educational experience that’s both high-quality and accessible.” The impact of the program on careers is significant. “Currently, most of our students are receiving job offers in the field before they even finish the program,” Tim proudly stated. This is a testament to the program’s effectiveness and highlights its role in enhancing skills and opening doors to new career opportunities within the field. Tim points to the commitment on the part of Dr. Lorrie Clemo, President of D’Youville University, to the overall health and well-being of our community as integral to the inception, development, and continued success of this program.

Expanding the Reach of CASAC and Caz Recovery

Tim is committed to the program’s long-term sustainability, focusing on securing funding, enhancing faculty recruitment, and integrating technology to support an expanded student intake. Through these initiatives, Tim aims to not only produce highly skilled substance use counselors but also to significantly improve community health outcomes, reinforcing the program’s commitment to educational excellence and community service.

The collaborative effort between Caz Recovery and D’Youville is critical to combating the substance use disorder crisis in Western New York. Through the CASAC Pathway program, Caz Recovery will continue to play a pivotal role in molding the future landscape of treatment. We are committed to cultivating a new generation of skilled and empathetic counselors who are equipped to bring about real change. Additionally, Caz Recovery works with our employees who participate in developing personalized career plans and offers cash incentives to support their professional growth. Together, Caz and D’Youville are focused on the holistic development of our staff. Caz Recovery is at the forefront of this movement, ensuring that our communities have access to the best possible care and support.

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