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There are millions of people in this country, from every walk of life, who are facing or are affected by addiction, mental health disorders, or homelessness. Addiction and mental health disorders can affect anyone at any time. Cazenovia Recovery Systems, Inc. is committed to assisting individuals with these challenges. Our services help individuals restore their independence while we support them on the personal road to recovery.

Recent News and Updates

Mindy’s Recovery and Health

Posted by Cazenovia Recovery on June 23rd, 2017
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Mindy's focused on her recovery and health.

Madonna House offers residential rehabilitation treatment for women in recovery from substance use. The program brings a particular focus to family reunification since residents can live with their young children onsite. Mindy is a current resident there. Before arriving, she said her life was “dark, […]

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Amy Cottrell – Staff Spotlight

Posted by Cazenovia Recovery on June 13th, 2017
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Amy Cottrell, program secretary of Somerset House

Amy Cottrell serves as Somerset House’s program secretary and just started in March. “A lot of us were hired recently but we all work together,” she said. Amy has an associate’s degree in science from Erie Community College and, like most people, her family has […]

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