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Staff Spotlight: Andie Loranty

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Andie Loranty

Our agency has seen positive changes to our intake and admissions processes thanks to Andie Loranty, Case Manager at Liberty Hall. She’s spent the last two weeks preparing for a training that was presented to intake staff and supervisors this week which will solidify a cohesive agency-wide intake process. This is the culmination of hard work and dedication on her part that involved meeting with and reviewing the admissions processes for  each of our programs. Her organizational skills have certainly served this project well, which is something she’s quite proud of. “My co-workers call me the ‘Binder Queen,’” she said with a smile.

Andie, who will be celebrating her one-year anniversary with Cazenovia Recovery Systems next week, has a BA in Psychology from Daemen College. She previously worked in mental health as a Counselor at Transitional Services, Inc. before re-locating to Liberty Hall and her current position.

Liberty Hall is inspiring to Andie for many reasons. She has many family members who have served in the military, and currently, her brother is enlisted in the Army. In fact, she took the job at Liberty Hall to familiarize herself with potential services for Veterans. She believes that the work her program does is not only essential, but that more should be done to support our Veterans nation-wide.

She’s also in charge of helping Liberty Hall residents navigate the financial process at the Department of Social Services which can be both stressful and confusing for those unfamiliar with it. “Residents constantly tell me how relieved they are that I help them with the paperwork,” she stated.  Andie certainly has a strong handle on the multiple steps required, and her organizational skills often prove themselves to be quite useful.

Above all else, Andie enjoys seeing the Veterans she serves strive for independence. For instance, she looks forward to helping Veterans find employment and volunteer opportunities. At Liberty Hall, Andie was very proud to note that “independence is something we push for.”

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