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Carolyn Hutchen – Staff Spotlight

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Carolyn Hutchen, Intake Coordinator

Our agency’s intake process went through major restructuring this month as it’s now centralized for most of our OASAS programs. Carolyn Hutchen is a member of the partnership that has been at the forefront of these developments. Previously, she served as a Resource Coordinator but as of May 1st, her title has changed to Intake Coordinator in response to the exciting changes.

Carolyn has been with Cazenovia Recovery for two years. In her previous position, she assisted residents with obtaining funding from resources like food stamps and departments of Social Service. “It was more financial,” she noted.  “Now, I’m working with residents at intake.” She still helps some residents with financial linkages, but instead of helping them complete the forms, she now she points them in the right direction to do it themselves. This increases residents’ independence and empowers them in their early stages with us.

The Intake Coordinator position is incredibly busy, which Carolyn enjoys. “There’s so much to do,” she said. While she’s still in the learning phases, the goals she has set for herself are determined by helping as many people as possible. “I want to learn more about the other agencies in the area.” Carolyn knows this will be helpful for people who come to her looking for treatment. For those who aren’t appropriate for our services, she will be able to better-refer applicants to the best places to meet their needs. She’ll also know where to send people when we don’t have any openings if they need immediate care.

Carolyn is motivated for the right reasons, too. “Sometimes, the stories we get are heartbreaking,” she said. “When they call me looking for help, I want to do everything I can.” She finds herself especially inspired by the success stories of our residents. In fact, she’s reminded of one every Sunday. At her church, Carolyn often sees a woman who received care from Casa Di Vita. “She thanks me every time I see her,” Carolyn said. Thanks to Carolyn’s assistance, our residents are being set up for success right from the moment they contact us.

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