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Courtaney Harper – Staff Spotlight

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Courtaney Harper

Courtaney Harper is fairly new to Sundram Manor, our Community Residence in Niagara Falls for men. While she has only been with us for two months as a counselor associate, she already had prior experience in Trauma-Informed Care (TIC). This made her a natural fit for our agency.

She has a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University and a bachelor’s in Counseling from Empire State College. From the moment she walked in the door at Sundram Manor two months ago, she knew she had found a new career. “I thought, ‘This is where I’m supposed to be.’ I absolutely love it here,” said Courtaney. “You see results.”

Like the rest of our employees, Courtaney is eager to provide Trauma-Informed Care. “We need to understand their trauma in order to help them,” she said. “They have to trust us.” Her previous training in TIC has allowed her to integrate right into our agency’s utilization of this model of care. “We can’t force our opinions about what the residents’ recovery should look like,” said Courtaney. “They need to be involved.”

Our agency seeks to create work and living environments that are supportive and encouraging. Unsurprisingly, Courtaney feels supported by her team at Sundram Manor. “We have an awesome team,” she said. “Everyone is welcoming and helpful.” Courtaney also had high praise for Falonia LaMar, Sundram Manor’s site supervisor. “She’s the most amazing supervisor I’ve ever had,” Courtaney said. Additionally, Chuck Hebell, Sundram Manor’s counselor, and Courtaney share the intake process for new residents and “collaborate often,” according to Courtaney.

Courtaney’s commitment to treating our residents as individuals is clear. “It’s all about helping these guys,” she said. “Everybody’s treatment is going to be different.” She is passionate about her career and it is evident that she enjoys being a part of the Cazenovia Recovery team. “It really feels like family here,” said Courtaney.

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