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Eileen Dietsch – Supervisor Spotlight

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Eileen Dietsch, Director of Operations

Eileen Dietsch has an extensive history of providing effective and results-oriented leadership to human services organizations throughout Western New York. Her accomplishments are exactly why Cazenovia Recovery Systems brought her on board to serve as our Director of Operations. Previously, Eileen held leadership positions with Northpointe Council, Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services, and, most recently, Southeast Works. Throughout her career, she has overseen maintenance, human resources, finance, revenue development, IT infrastructure, quality assurance, quality improvement, and more. Eileen has even implemented an electronic health record, a skill that will be critical for our agency as we grow.

She has bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and American Studies from Oswego and a master’s in Public Administration from the Nelson E. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. “I knew I wanted to contribute to the public good,” she said of her educational goals. While Eileen strives to make a difference in the world, she is also driven by positivity and lives for “those moments when everything clicks.”

Eileen joined the Cazenovia Recovery team in May. “I’m thrilled to be here,” she said. Unsurprisingly, she fit right in and took no time to acclimate to our agency and our culture. Eileen was particularly impressed by the way our staff work together, a trait that applies all the way up to our executive director. Not long ago, Eileen was juggling many different pressing assignments and tasks, all while writing a major grant for our agency. Sue Bissonette, our executive director, noticed and immediately asked how she could help. Eileen was pleased to point out that this was “the first time in my career that the executive director asked ‘how can I help you?’ and actually did some of the workload.”

Though she has only been with us a few short months, she is already tallying some impressive accomplishments. Recently, the maintenance and facilities teams evaluated the carpets at Sundram Manor as they needed to be replaced. She empowered the team to come up with a cost-effective solution. Clarke Reed, maintenance coordinator, suggested removing the carpets and restoring the hardwood floors underneath. This project is now underway. “We fully capitalized his talent,” said Eileen, “and he’s creating a beautiful result in a historical building.” Additionally, Eileen focused the maintenance team to address issues at Somerset House to help bring more comfort to the residents. “I love the polish of our facilities,” Eileen noted.

Eileen was also instrumental in evaluating our IT infrastructure and in hiring Dave Hoke, our new IT Coordinator. Since her arrival, our connectivity issues have improved and our servers are more responsive. She also facilitated a relationship with our vendor that has delivered better outcomes for our agency. “I think we’ve come a long way in a short distance,” said Eileen. She has only been a part of our team for a short time, but Cazenovia Recovery’s future looks much brighter with Eileen in it.

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