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Mindy’s Recovery and Health

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Mindy's focused on her recovery and health.

Madonna House offers residential rehabilitation treatment for women in recovery from substance use. The program brings a particular focus to family reunification since residents can live with their young children onsite. Mindy is a current resident there. Before arriving, she said her life was “dark, chaotic and filled with paranoia.” She explained that she had “no sense of care or concern for others,” especially her children and family. That has since changed dramatically now that she is focused on her recovery and health.

Each of Mindy’s four kids are grateful that she has found a supportive program that can help her in her recovery. “They’re resilient,” she described. Mindy calls them a few times each week. Since she’s been at Madonna House, she has seen real progress in their communication. “We’re talking about our feelings,” she said. “I’m taking what I’m learning here and getting them to vocalize more.”

Mindy has implemented many positive changes since she arrived at Madonna House, but one of the biggest is her new focus on her recovery and health. “I’m seeing a doctor and a nutritionist,” she noted. The program allows her to perfect her cooking skills, which she knows is important for healthy eating. Mindy makes different types of salads, cole slaws, and pasta salads. “I actually like cooking,” she added. “It’s fun for me.”

Her next steps include going back to school for mortuary science. Mindy’s currently working with ACCESS-VR and Jessica Clarke, our Niagara County vocational specialist, to make this goal a reality. She’s so focused on this goal that she’s planning to move across the state to attend a specific school. “Relocation has helped my recovery,” she noted.

Thanks to the support Mindy has received at Madonna House, her recovery looks very bright indeed. “They’ve asked me about my goals and I’ve prioritized. Recovery actually seems hopeful and obtainable. It doesn’t seem so far away.”

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