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Staff Spotlight: Ed Cichon

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Ed Cichon, Cazenovia Recovery Systems’ first and current Special Projects Coordinator, graduated from the University at Buffalo with an undergraduate degree in Photography. He went on to obtain his master’s in an overseas International Relations program through Webster University. Ed previously worked at People Inc. and for various other organizations before joining Cazenovia Recovery.

Ed knew he wanted to work for a non-profit organization and he has wanted to work in graphic design since his undergraduate days. He was able to utilize those skills while assisting the agency with the development and improvement of the website. Originally hired as a temporary employee, Ed is now a full-time employee who has been cheerfully a part of the Cazenovia Recovery team for one and a half years!

Due to the flexibility of Ed’s role, he has been able to take an active part in developing his position to fit the needs of the agency. He reported this experience has been “incredible.” Ed said working for Cazenovia has been a great experience  “and coming to work is fun.” Ed is doing what he likes to do and he feels privileged to help mold his position to encompass not only what the agency needs but also what he is passionate about. His favorite part of the position is interviewing residents and getting to share the success stories of the people the agency serves. “It reinforces the great things we do for the great people we serve,” Ed stated.

He is most proud of his design projects, especially new brochures for each program site, and the annual report. “These projects have allowed me to bring all of my skills together,” he said. Ed discussed how much he loves to learn new things within his position and about Cazenovia Recovery. He is motivated and inspired by helping others to have a better day. His personality trait of striving for efficiency challenges him to find more effective ways to complete a task or project. He likes to think of new challenges as puzzles that he tries to solve in the most productive way.

Ed is one of the most upbeat and positive employees within Cazenovia Recovery. He always has a smile and a friendly greeting when he encounters any staff passing by. He attributes this positivity to the rewarding feeling he gets from helping others and assisting them to see problems in a different light. Ed has practiced optimism so long that it has simply become second nature to him.

Ed is looking forward to a career with Cazenovia Recovery, and to his next project of assisting with the upcoming Fellowship House transition.

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