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Calling All Cazenovia Recovery Alumni!

Are you Cazenovia Recovery alumni? Do you know someone who is? If so, we’re looking to connect with alumni from our programs! In fact, we’ve developed a brand-new way to keep in touch.

Cazenovia Recovery alumni from any of our programs are invited to visit today. There, alumni can sign up to receive information on events for alumni across the agency. We’ll let alumni know about other ways to get involved, as well.

Each of our programs engages Cazenovia Recovery alumni in unique ways. For example, Cazenovia Manor welcomes alumni to visit on holidays, for dinners, and for other events. Our Housing program welcomes alumni to groups on Fridays. They can access the program’s food pantry and clothing closet, too.

Like many of our programs, Somerset House hosts onsite self-help meetings, and alumni are welcome to attend. Additionally, alumni often volunteer by transporting residents to self-help meetings in the community.

At Unity House, alumni frequently stop by the program just to say hello. “We encourage them to drop in to update us on their success,” said Cierra Young, site supervisor.

Jim Sheehan, site supervisor of Sundram Manor, says that alumni are welcome at his program, too. They can visit during certain hours to “share a meal, visit with residents, and attend support meetings.”

Madonna House is looking to host an alumni picnic next summer. By signing up to our exclusive email list, our alumni will be the first to know about events like the picnic at Madonna House. They can even sign up to receive information that’s specific to a certain program.

We’re looking for ways to help Cazenovia Recovery alumni give back, too. Some programs feature alumni as guest speakers in groups. We know our alumni have great experiences to share with our current residents. They often share information on where to find a job, how to help family members understand substance use disorders, and more. Of course, any alumni engaging with our programs will need to ensure confidentiality for current and past residents.

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