Recovery Day


Recovery Day

The 2017 Recovery Day will take place on Friday, August 25 from 11AM – 3PM at Fontana’s Grove in West Seneca. Held in honor of National Recovery Month, Recovery Day is an annual celebration of people in recovery and their accomplishments.

Through this event, we hope to:

  • Celebrate those who have reclaimed their lives from addiction and substance use
  • Educate our community about the services offered for addiction treatment and mental health
  • Raise awareness of the process of recovery
  • Encourage others to continue on the path to recovery

Last year’s celebration was attended by more than 500 participants, family, friends, and supporters.

Recovery Day typically features:

  • Inspiring speakers about recovery
  • Free food
  • Vendors from various recovery-oriented services in WNY
  • An Art Show
  • Family-friendly activities

For more information on this event, please contact our Administrative Office at 716.852.4331.

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Orville liked “listening to different testimonials about how Cazenovia Recovery has made a difference in their lives.” He also felt that the event “lets you know you can have a good time being sober with sober people.” Finally, he said, the event is crucial to the Western New York community in that it shows the area that another positive outlet exists for people in recovery.

Tanya said it was a great way to “celebrate in a drug-free atmosphere with family members and people in other programs.” She felt that “people should support it” because it lets others witness the positive changes in people in recovery. Recovery Day gave Tanya “hope” seeing people celebrating, and that it was good to have family members see people in recovery celebrate their achievement.

Dexter described the event as “people reconnecting with people from other agencies.” He also expressed that Recovery Day allowed him to experience that he “can have fun at these kinds of events” being sober and it gave him the confidence to explore other celebratory events in the community. He said he felt “a lot of love.”

Marsha felt that Recovery Day was a fulfilling and captivating experience. The speakers and the event as a whole gave her hope, and she believes that it’s important for the community “to see that people in recovery are living normal lives” thanks to the programs offered by Cazenovia Recovery Systems.


The 2017 Recovery Day issponsored by:

  • $2,000 – $1,000: Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc.; KeyBank; Barclay Damon, LLP
  • $999 – $500: New Beginnings Property Management
  • $499 – $100: Tronconi Segarra & Associates, LLP;; Suzanne Bissonette; Lauricella Public Relations Co.; Benzinger Plumbing & Heating, LLC; Drag-In Automotive; Eden-North Collins Pennysaver Inc.; Bruce P Squirrel Graphic Tees; Interior Furniture Warehouse; F&T Snowplowing & Removal, Inc.; McAllister Plumbing & Heating, Inc.; Sue Green; Eaton Office Supply Co., Inc.; Gorenflo’s Bflo Wholesale Lock Co., Inc; Benefits Plus of New York LLC; Chudy Paper Company, Inc.; Next Generation Communications LLC; Hanes Supply, Inc.
  • $99 – $50: Cataract Safe & Lock; Claudia Rejman; MJ Mechanical
  • $49- $25: Nancy Sobecky; Ed Cichon

Thank you so much for your support.