Return from Homelessness

Cazenovia Recovery’s administration, board members, and staff are immensely proud of the efforts and recovery process achievements of each of the agency’s clients, especially those who have succeeded in their return from homelessness.

Marsha’s story is one example of someone who has moved forward successfully after being without a permanent place to call home.

She has progressed from living on the streets of New York City seven years ago to a furnished apartment in Buffalo, new friends, new goals, and a strong circle of support from our agency.

Marsha has utilized numerous Cazenovia Recovery programs, including Casa Di Vita and Cazenovia Manor before moving to the more independent Supportive Living apartment.

She clearly states how important the Cazenovia Recovery experience is to her: 
“It gave me the foundation to be a productive member of society. I am getting to be more honest with myself. It has helped me stay clean. Relapse prevention group is necessary – it helps me identify my triggers. It lets me know that I am not alone.”

Marsha also benefits from Cazenovia Recovery services that are available without charge, such as transportation, food pantry, and the clothing closet.

Cliff’s account of his descent into homelessness begins, ”I was so into my addiction that paying rent wasn’t an option.”  He credits Cazenovia Recovery with providing the clarity he needed to help him get back on track. “I was able to re-integrate and re-develop relationships,” he said.

Jamie came to Cazenovia Recovery after his 10 years of sobriety unraveled and he found himself living under a bridge and out of a backpack.  “The Cazenovia staff helped me to face up to my recovery and recognize when I need help,” he said. “They are there with open arms and provided me with the opportunity to help myself.”

Jerome had experienced being brutalized on the streets before coming to Cazenovia Recovery. “The treatment I received kept me on the straight and narrow, while updating me on schooling and training opportunities,” he said. “This program shows you there is a better way to live.”

“Since receiving direction and nurturing from Caz, I have a serene and stable living environment,” Tanya reported. “As long as you have some type of hope left, there is help out there.”