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Redesigning Our Care

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Redesigning Our Care for the Medicaid Redesign

Cazenovia Recovery Systems is responding vigorously to New York State’s upcoming Medicaid Redesign. With this transition, the state hopes to reduce high-cost Medicaid services by including medical treatment within residential programs. The Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) has created new regulations that mirror these exciting and progressive changes.

People who have substance abuse diagnoses often use hospitals and emergency rooms for treatment. To address this, Medicaid Managed Care organizations will refer individuals in need to our programs. It will cost much less for individuals in recovery to receive treatment with us than in hospitals. More important, they will also receive a wide range of individualized support that will lead to better long-term health outcomes.

Cazenovia Manor 2 (CM)

Cazenovia Manor in South Buffalo

A driving principle of the redesign is the concept of person-centered care. Our treatment will become more flexible with increased room for residents to choose what best suits their needs.

The Medicaid Redesign also involves Cazenovia Recovery creating and hiring for many new medical positions, e.g., nurses and a Medical Director, to enhance the care delivered through our programs. Medication-assisted treatment will be offered at programs to ensure our residents have many options available for a successful recovery.

Another major change focuses on how our residential programs function. No longer will residents transition between multiple levels of care at different locations. Now, a resident will transition through our continuum of care while remaining within a designated program. Each of our Intensive Residential and Community Residential programs will offer Stabilization, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration, the three new elements of care.

Madonna House serves women and women with children

Madonna House in Lockport

Stabilization services will be initially offered to individuals who have relapsed. With our own medical staff, we will be better able to more effectively support people who relapse. Residents learning how to restore their skills and health while engaging in recovery therapies will be in Rehabilitation. Reintegration will be available at transitioning programs while residents await longer-term beds within the community.

We will first transition Cazenovia Manor and Madonna House this summer. Additional programs will follow later this year with Turning Point House and Unity House being next.

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